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A healthcare crisis is brewing beyond our cities and suburbs. As hospitals close and healthcare providers relocate, millions are left without convenient, consistent access to the services they need to live a healthy life.


Rural healthcare organizations are driven to provide the best possible care in America’s forgotten communities. At Rural Healthcare Initiative, we’re helping those providers find the most sustainable way to carry out their mission. We do that through a nonprofit educational arm that works alongside our uniquely diverse consulting collective to provide the most cost-effective solutions available in the marketplace today.


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Rural Healthcare Initiative is a collective of specialist experts with more than a century of combined experience. Bound together by a burning desire to help save rural healthcare, we have committed a portion of our time and resources to helping you find the best path forward. 


As a purpose-driven organization, we share your long-term commitment to rural healthcare. RHI desires to be a true partner in helping you achieve your mission of delivering the best possible care to the communities you serve. Learn more

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In addition to our nonprofit educational arm, Rural Healthcare Initiative offers the efficiency and effectiveness of a “one-stop shop,” where rural hospitals and physician practice networks can find industry-leading consulting expertise to meet a wide variety of challenges:

 Every engagement starts with a rapid assessment process to help identify priorities and pain points, then you decide how much support you need. From a single need to a comprehensive approach, we offer tailored solutions to fit every situation. Click here to learn more. 

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As a nonprofit organization, Rural Healthcare Initiative goes beyond consulting services to offer educational resources such as white papers, articles, workshops, and seminars. Plus, whatever level of service you’re looking for, we can work with you to identify public and private grants to help make it all possible. Learn more

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