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Rural healthcare providers are caught up in “macro” trends that can be hard to measure – and harder still to manage. Executive leaders understand that business as usual won’t win the day, but they can’t always articulate to board members the urgency or the direction of needed change. We're here to help.

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At RHI, we understand that rural budgets don’t allow for the kind of training that helps big systems stay ahead of the curve. That’s why our principals donate a portion of their time to bring industry-leading education sessions directly to your boardroom at absolutely no cost. Every session is:


Completely free
Fully customized

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With time and travel included, this represents a significant investment for our team. To help ensure maximum impact, we seek the best match between need and expertise. If you are interested in one of our sessions, please click below and answer four questions to describe your situation. We promise a careful evaluation and a prompt, personal response.