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Mission-based consulting solutions

Because we understand the financial constraints of rural healthcare, we've worked to create the most cost-effective approach in the marketplace. As a collaborative of independent specialists, we serve the varied needs of clients with thinking that goes beyond our individual silos. Combining deep focus with broad vision, we can provide solutions that are efficient, holistic, and non-duplicative.

OUR urgent

In many rural communities, the healthcare outlook is getting darker by the day. That's why Rural Healthcare Initiative is ready to hit the ground running with a four-stage deep dive into the challenges facing rural hospitals and health centers. In as little as two months, the RHI team can work with administrators, staff, and community stakeholders to develop a custom roadmap toward your most sustainable future.

Stage 1

Listen & Learn

The first month is all about in-person time with your team and your community to get a full picture of what care looks like today … and what is needed for tomorrow.

Stage 2


The RHI team pulls together a full suite of data on your community and how it compares to regional and national trends – demographics, models of care, provider and service line standards, and more. We layer that research underneath what we learned during our time on the ground to map out the local healthcare landscape, both numerically and anecdotally.

Stage 3

Envision & solve

Based on our learnings in the previous stages, we develop potential solutions that account for the unique features and needs of your organization and the patients you serve. These solutions can be as limited or extensive as you want as we reimagine together what healthcare could look like in your community.

Stage 4


We don’t just hand you a stack of material and wish you luck. Once we have mapped out a path forward, we can walk with you as long as you need us throughout the implementation process.



After 40 years of working with rural healthcare providers, our co-founder shares why now is the time for a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to the healthcare crisis threatening so many communities across the country.

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