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RHI Wins Recognition from the Financial times

At a New York City awards ceremony on Dec. 5, 2022, the Rural Healthcare Initiative was recognized by the Financial Times for "originality, leadership, and impact" in socially responsible business.

"Awards don't always mean a whole lot, but this one is important to me," says RHI co-founder Bob Wilson, a partner at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough. "It affirms not just our concept for addressing the needs of rural community healthcare in a holistic manner, but also it recognizes the looming crisis of access to healthcare, keeping healthcare local. I hope that we can shine a light on the issue with more discussion and education, and also provide opportunities for unique solutions."

"Some of America's leading law firms were competing in this category with projects focused on homeless youth, domestic violence, political asylum, and more. The fact that RHI was singled out as the most innovative approach – it's just a huge validation for the issue of rural healthcare and our vision of a collaborative to help struggling hospitals keep their doors open."

Founded in London in 1888, the Financial Times is considered one of the world's leading business publications. Each year, FT's Innovative Lawyer Awards recognize law firms that "deliver exceptional value to business and society." FT staff, along with research partner RSGi, spend months vetting the most innovative ideas through telephone interviews, questionnaires, and reviews. Finalists are then reviewed by additional market experts to further validate the research.

"There are lots of 'vanity awards' out there, but this isn't one of them," Bob says. "The Financial Times runs a pretty exhaustive process, so the recognition is especially gratifying. Basically, a panel of experts is saying that RHI has a unique approach to solving the problem of rural hospital closures. We appreciate that vote of confidence, and we hope it helps get our message out. Rural healthcare leaders need to know that help is out there."

To learn more about the Social Responsibility category at the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards, please click here, then contact us if we can tell you more about our pro bono board education or our innovative, cost-effective approach to strengthening rural hospitals.

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